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Accepted Formats

❑ Adobe Illustrator CS2, CS3, CS5 Dielines for Rotomertices CS3
❑ Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS5
❑ QuarkXPress 6.5
❑ MBC4
❑ Nexus
❑ Adobe Certified PDF

Fonts: Please include both screen and printer fonts. Please keep the number of fonts used in each document to a minimum.

Unaccepted formats

❑ Microsoft Publisher
❑ Microsoft Word
❑ Microsoft PowerPoint
❑ Adobe PageMaker
❑ InDesign

A minimum 1/16" (0.0625") bleed is required when the art extends off the die line.

Preferably, all text in final artwork should be submitted with fonts outlined (converted to curves or paths). Note: be sure artwork is correct as editing of text will not be available with outlined fonts, if artwork is submitted with fonts, all screen and printer fonts need to be included when file is sent. Providing fonts will ensure we can make any changes to your text if necessary.

Scans / Placed Artwork
Minimum resolution of 300 dpi at actual printed size. All images should be in CMYK format. Placed images should be single subject. i.e. do not place image in Illustrator, then place the Illustrator file in QuarkXpress. Keep design in original program.

Color Matching
A PMS color number must be specified for us to match.
If you have created a custom color, please send the CMYK
color build. (Note: we use current editions of the Pantone® Color
Book for color matching. Please indicate the date of the Pantone Color Book you are using. Pantone colors will be printed in CMYK equivalent for 4-color process orders. PMS/process color charts printed on our press are available upon request. )

Process work should be:
• 400 dpi for 200 line screen
• 300 dpi for 150 line screen
• 266 dpi for 133 line screen

Rules should be no less than .3 pt.
Type should be no less than 3 pt. positive or 5 pt. knocked out
Minimum dot should be 2 % (including scans, gradient screens)
Bleeds should be at least 1/8"

When using reversed out white type keep in mind that there will be registration issues, when traveling thru the press. The bolder the better, but it will not eliminate registration issues.

Gradient blends or screens that drop off to 0% will create hard edges or plugging. We can hold a 2% with supporting dots around them.

Supply a CMYK color accurate proof, color swatch, or original art if possible with any previous printed work for us to match to. We will make every effort to match color. Depending on the job we will send you a digital color proof confirming color.

Please send only the files necessary to print the job.

• Directory of Files (print window of disk files)
• Black & White Separations of included file
• Original Art or Color Proof
• Color Samples or Printing Samples
• Both printer and screen fonts
• All support files

Please be sure to delete any unused colors from your color palate in your files. Please make sure that CMYK files do not contain any spot colors and PMS files do not use any process colors. The use of transparencies is discouraged. Additional colors may result in additional plates.

Bar Codes:
To guarantee scanning use a minimum width of 1.1875", a minimum height of .375", and a minimum mag. of 80%. We can generate the Bar Codes if you are unsure of the scanability.